A Must Read Lesson for All Muslims

Today I am sharing a lesson for all of my viewers. Its a real story and a dreadful result for wrong deeds.You Must Read this story and Promise yourself that you will never do such type of things again in your life.

Valentine’s Day Scandal In Ice Cream Parlor In Karachi

At Valentine day, Ice cream parlor charge Rs.100 per hour and some hotels charge 600 per hour to provide safe environment to young couples. But these couple didn’t know that what are they doing. Police also protect these parlors instead of action on these illegal activities. On this incident, all boys and girls should learn

Some Accidents in Bollywood

Accidents are often occur in life. But when we talk about bollywood, there is a list of malfunctions is there.Another type of this incident occur when the heroine of vicky donor was giving interview to the public. Yami Gautam never minded this event and said that it happens by chance.

Romance on Bad Times – Lesson to be learnt

This is the most hillarious video you have ever seen. Romance has its own timings. IF you will dare to do romance on a time that your wife do not have a mood then this can also happen to you.

Is this Pakistani television – Shameful Indeed

So called family channel PTV home has crossed the moral limits and on air vulgar clips in dramas , see this clip Saba Qamar and Faisal Qureshi discussing Saba’s night with another person and also notice the dress of Saba Qamar  

Girls are smoking in Pakistan

This is very shameful and very distress moment for Pakistani society that thi society is broken society now. Watch This Video and Share

Coal is an amazing asset for the Pakistani nation

Coal is an amazing asset for the Pakistani nation. Government should use various steps in order to take these natural resources. Coal is available in Pakistan in bulk, These reserves are situated in thar desert. The whole world knows that. That is why they are attacking pakistan. They want to capture the coal reserves of Pakistan