Faisal Vawda says Arshad Sharif’s murder premeditated

PTI leader Faisal Vawda claimed on Wednesday that slain journalist Arshad Sharif was shot at from a close range within the vehicle, adding that his murdered was pre-planned.

Addressing an explosive press conference, the former minister said that Sharif was intimidated to move out of Pakistan as he did not want to leave the country.

Vawda said that the investigative journalist was sent to Kenya through a conspiracy, adding: “Conspirators are here in Pakistan and internationally connected”.

He also rejected the claim that Sharif was forced to leave the United Arab Emirates (UAE), adding: “I was in contact with Arshad Sharif till last and he wanted to come back to Pakistan”. He said that he was ready for the forensic of his mobile phone record.

“Influential persons who are behind this conspiracy are not far away from me,” he said, adding that he had recorded the names of the conspirators in a video.

“If anything bad happens to me, they will be responsible,” Vawda said, adding that he will expose the names of some people in coming days.

He said that evidence in Arshad Sharif murder case had been destroyed, adding that no one will be able to find his mobile phone and laptop.

He also warned that some key personalities would also be targeted in coming days.

Talking about the PTI’s long march, he feared that there will be bloodbath in guise of peaceful protest.


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